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Monthly Archives: August 2014


It is very difficult to know which used appliance repairman to call when one of your household appliances breaks down. This is because most of such repairmen are dishonest, incompetent and non-economical. However, there some few traits that each used appliance repairman should possess.


Always go for a company that is licensed and insured. Let the company have a state license number and check to see whether it is valid and whether the insurance is up-to-date.


Look for experience. A company with a long history is better off than a recent startup with little or no history.


A repairman’s pricing is another factor you should consider. You need a high quality job at a reasonable price. Generally, true professionals tend to be more costly than the normal repairmen. This implies that these people know exactly what they are doing with some type of assurances. A good repairman should also offer a warranty and have a good compensation program.


Professionalism is another important thing you should look for in a repairman. You can never afford to hire an unprofessional repairman regardless of his/her certification level. You need a repairman who has the right tools, keeps time and is a member of his/her area’s regulating body. This way, you are sure to be dealing with a professional repairman and not a quack who will just steal from you.

It is also very important to go for a repairman who is available. Never go for a firm that subcontracts other firms. Subcontractors are known for their unreliability and make it hard for you to get compensation.

Get a firm with the best trained techs. Just like any other vocation, used appliance repair requires a high level of skills and an outstanding of a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. The best appliance repair company should have more than one technician.

Insist on high quality. Do this by asking for referrals from your friends and family members. When someone whose opinion you trust recommends a repairman they were completely satisfied with, then you are sure to get the high quality services. Such a repairman is likely to offer his/her services with a lot of professionalisms and at the best price.

Get the repairman who is committed to customer satisfaction. If the repairman has no positive reviews from existing or former clients, then be cautious before contracting the firm. This may mean that the company may have a poor reputation in terms of service delivery.


Always go for a company that offers free estimates. Any reliable used appliance repairman would be more than happy to provide you with free estimates. These estimates can be gotten over the phone or in person, but a written estimate is always the best. Compare estimates from different companies and go for the one providing the most honest pricing.


Do not just trust your used appliances repairs to anyone. Dedicate a few of your minutes to find an used appliance repairman who holds all the above discussed traits. Do not trust what a repairman is saying through his advertisements.

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